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Last week I learnt something AMAZING….I have been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award!
This is a huge thing to me as it means that I have received recognition for blogging about my love of interior design and everything that accompanies it.

I have been planning this blog for over 6 years and wish I had started it sooner had time allowed me! Tatty Designs is still in its infancy but thank you for all who have spent time reading it so far!

The Amara Interior Blog Awards takes place every year and is organised by the Amara brand which is a leading luxury retailer. They work with worldwide renowned brands and stock gorgeous items….many of which are on my wish list!

If you have a spare minute, I would be grateful if you could vote for me


Hear the one about nature and colour?

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So you want to change the colour scheme in your space but have absolutely no idea where to start? Or have found one colour you like but don’t know what other shades will go with it? You’re not alone in this, there’s so much to choose from!

I recently was asked to do a colour consultation on living room and dining room. My client hired me as she had spent weeks deliberating over which colours to choose and had looked at so many it had become overwhelming. She was so lost she wasn’t even sure which colours went together anymore.

Choosing colours for an interior can be pretty daunting, there is so much choice out there and unless you know specifically a colour scheme, even narrowing down which hue of pink or green you want to use can seem like a massive task and then you need to make sure it will work with your other choices in the space.

One thing I always say, if you’re unsure of which colour scheme to choose or what goes with what , have a look to nature…”but whats that got to with paint or colour selections?” I hear you say….well, nature doesn’t really get colour wrong. From the prettiest flowers to the wings of an insect, if you look closely you will see the colour schemes generally match. You can get inspiration from almost anywhere, often if I have a client that is not sure of the way they want to take the scheme I sift through sites particularly Pinterest to show them how nature would do it.


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Double Function Design

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I recently was given the task of designing a bathroom with a limited amount of space. Once the necessities were installed (the toilet, bath, sink and shower) there wasn’t going to be much space to play with.

This got me looking into products that were designed with multiple functions in mind. There are some brilliant products on the market that can be used in designs to make sure everything that is required fits, many items will have storage built in to ensure you can save space and hide away the clutter!

One product I looked at for my bathroom / space dilemma was this brilliant radiator mirror combination from Vogue UK. Its such a good space saver and looks really stylish too!

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Adding colour without decorating

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Adding colour into a room can be easy and doesn’t have to be done through painting or decorating walls….
I decided to write this post as not everyone is lucky enough to own their own home. To those that rent a property, adding design or decoration to a room can be a little more difficult since Landlords are quite hot on tenants not painting walls, adding wall paper or doing anything to aesthetically change the bare bones of the room….so living with magnolia walls and some sort of biscuit tone carpet it is then (of course there are Landlords out there who will allow the tenant to decorate and even better will offer to foot the bill if the rental is longer term but these are more of a rarity).
Colour through cushions

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Let there be colour…

turquise zig zag


I was out and about this week gathering items for a craft haul and this beauty was one of the many bargains I picked up….it was £1!! I liked the white but loved more its decorative surface and since I have been looking for a frame this size to fit a postcard I collected on my travels I really SCORED BIG TIME!

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Alternative grout for your tiles

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Lets talk grout….Its the stuff that works with your tile layout in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else you have tiles in your home or work place. Of course it provides a function, sealing the edges of your tiles in and assisting in securing the tile to its base but it can also be decorative and fun too!

If you are planning a tile installation anytime soon or if your tiles are starting to gross you out with how stained and mold covered they are then this post may inspire you to break away from the norm and be a little more creative with the tile finish!

First up we have this AMAZING blue yellow combination of which I am a massive fan! The combo been installed as a feature wall rather than being used around the whole room which actually gives it more of the wow factor. I think using this duo around the whole space may have been a little too much.

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Knitting Needle Storage Idea

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I used to enjoy knitting a lot, to the point my fingers would ache at the amount of time dedicated to it! I would sit for hours watching row by row as my fabric grew from a piece of yarn into fabric. It is really relaxing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a new creative hobby, I even bought myself a knitting machine and spent time making fabrics which were then used in various projects. Continue reading

Coffee on the go!!

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I’ve recently been on a mission to stop burning cash on take out coffee…..So i decided to invest in a reusable coffee cup. I can brew some delicious coffee at home before I leave each day and then drink it on the go, which = more pennies to put in the beach house fund (every little helps right?!). Continue reading

Copper (load of these!!)

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I am a huge fan of the copper trend that has been around for a little while….I am not talking about filling a room with it on every surface but adding accessories here and there to complement the existing space…copper can perk a room up and give it a modern edge twist.

There are plenty of options when it comes to adorning a space with copper accessories. Finishes can vary from worn and vintage to modern and shiny. Prices can also vary from low budget right up to skies the limit:

  • This fab pendant lamp from Rockett St George has a gorgeous warm tone to it – its not too overwhelming and will work with many colour palettes!

industrial-pendant-lighting                                      Industrial Pendant Lighting by South East Furniture & Accessories Rockett St George

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