How To: Kitchen Table Makeover!

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About a year ago I spied a well loved formica table at a garage sale. It was for sale for £8 so I snapped it up as it was perfect for my home.

You could tell this table had been well used, it was rusty and the table top had seen much better days so I decided when I had time I would give it a Tatty Designs make over and restore it to its former glory.


Fast forward 12 months and I finally found the time to spend a couple of hours making it as new. First of all the legs were all chipped and rusted in parts. I could have kept them white but I decided gold would be more fitting so it would look well placed with the rest of the interior.  I purchased a can of spray primer and made sure to give the legs a good coat so as to give the gold paint an even finish.

Next up, the gold! I really have a thing at the moment for furniture that features dashes of gold. The gold paint was easy to apply and although it did take three coats the finish was perfectly smooth and even.


Look at the smooth finish of the paint on the metal legs!

As the top of the table was so scuffed and damaged I decided to use a sticky backed vinyl sheet that would withstand wear and tear well.  The most difficult task for the entire make over was probably sticking the vinyl down on the surface. You have to do it very carefully to make sure there are no air bubbles or else you have to lift the whole thing off and start again.

I then ran a scalpel around the edge of the table to ensure the edges were all neat and there was no overhanging vinyl.

And heres the finished result! What do you think?


The vinyl worked really well as a replacement surface.



I was pretty happy with the colour match of the chairs to the vinyl, considering I ordered it online!



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