Product Alert: RestRelax Footstool Bed

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I’ve mentioned before about my love for multi purpose items. I find anything that has more than one function and looks stylish gets my vote. Space is often limited in the home and if theres a way to double up on features in a product it certainly gets my attention.

The Rosie Footstool Bed by RestRelax arrived at my house this week and I could not wait to unwrap the parcel and give it a try. Footstools are great addition to any space as not only are they ideal for putting your feet on after a long day, they also act as extra seating such as when the whole of the family descend on your home to visit. The brilliant thing about the RestRelax footstool is that it also doubles up as a bed too!….what a brilliant idea!!

The footstool itself has an extremely firm foam inner and so won’t lose it’s shape and the fabric is manufactured to be top quality and hard-wearing too which will withstand wear and tear so I give it a thumbs up. A bonus feature about this item is the cover is washable so even if anything gets spilled on it theres no need to panic, it can be put in the wash.


Should you have visitors to stay over theres no need to make them a bed on the sofa, the footstool will very easily convert into a bed in seconds. The base of the cover can be unzipped and removed to reveal the inside of the stool which can then be unfolded into the bed. I absolutely love this feature, space saving furniture that is designed well is an asset to any home and this one definitely ticks all of the right boxes for me.



I tried out the foam bed so I could really see what its like to sleep on it. I only had a little nap (well actually a 3 hour post Sunday lunch sleep) but I think thats long enough to give my opinion! The base is really comfy to sleep on and by adding a bottom sheet and a pillow I could easily have slept on it all night with a really relaxing sleep. I don’t like soft mattresses and this one is firm enough to support my back but soft enough to allow me to sleep with no disturbances. Theres more than enough room for one person to sleep comfortably.



Just relaxing on the bed watching a Sunday afternoon film!


The designers at RestRelax have really put a lot of thought into their products. I love the way they have developed space saving, functional furniture with easy to use designs but have also ensured the end product is stylish.

The company design with the end user in mind, “we wanted to bring you multi-functional, beautifully designed furniture at affordable prices” this they have certainly achieved and I would definitely recommend this furniture to anyone who needs compact items.

Available in 7 colours theres definitely a colour to match any interior! I opted for the charcoal and pink colourway and I was certainly pleased with my colour choice.

I really like the fact RestRelax have chosen to make all of their products here in the UK, this is fantastic as not only does it mean delivery will be much faster but they are also supporting the countries economy rather than outsourcing. The company will also deal direct so no middle man making their mark up on your order.

I think the price of this product is excellent at £89 inc free delivery! RestRelax have many other items on their site to suit a range of budgets and the Rosie Footstool Bed would suit all styles of interiors and for a wide ranger of users whether you’re a university student who doesn’t have a whole lot of space or a Grandparent who sometimes has the Grandchildren to sleep over.

Find the rest of the product range at

(This post is sponsored by RestRelax however opinions are all my own)


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