How To: Interesting Candle Holders

Untitled design (29)

I am always looking for new, interesting ways to display my never ending supply of candles.

This idea is simple to do and looks really decorative….its a great way to add a splash of colour to any space, particularly the kitchen!


So to make these candle holders all you will need is:

  • hand whisks (mine were from the local homeware shop and cost 30p each…a bargain!)
  • Paint
  • Tea lights or even better LED tea lights as they wont produce heat
  • Something to thread through the handles to suspend them…for this demonstration I used heavy strength rope but if you are using real tea lights you will need to make sure what ever you use is flame proof as the handles will get warm!


I selected three colours for this project and simply applied the paint using a brush to the handles of the whisks. I didn’t want to paint the entire object as it was going to be exposed to a naked flame.

painted-hand- whisks

I allowed the handles to dry for a couple of hours before I then threaded my rope through each handle and strung them up!

Easy to do and they look really decorative if you don’t have much of a budget!


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