How to: Decorative notice board!



My work space looks like its been ransacked most of the time, there are traces of my love of interiors and craft items everywhere and its time I clean it up!

To start with, I have decided to invest in a notice board so I can keep my to do lists, magazine tears and general secret plans and clever tricks all in one place!

I bought a large enough cork notice board but it was so plain SO i decided to make it sexy (by that I mean pretty).

This is a really easy how to and it took me minutes to make my once plain notice board into something pretty and eye-catching.


All you need is some Washi Tape (or any other decorative tape) and some scissors.


I bought my tape from a local supermarket, its really inexpensive and can make even the most dull object look like something out of a magazine!

The tape was then applied to all of the edges of the board. My chosen tape was not quite thick enough to cover all of the surface but that didn’t matter as it was also transparent in places so it looks fine, however if you have chosen something with a block colour or definite pattern you could always double up the applied layers so it evenly covers all of the surface.

Et voila! Thats pretty much it! The finished piece looks fab and my desk looks instantly less cluttered as my lose bits of paper all have a home now!

I also purchased some lovely decorative pins that I will use instead of the generic ones these boards usually come with.

What a beauty and so easy to do!!




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