Light up your room!

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Earlier this week I was tasked with replacing some of the lighting in our home…an upgrade on our existing lamps that were bought as a temporary measure when we moved in but have remained in use ever since. I have been scouting around for a few weeks and have managed to find some beautiful choices.

Light up your room!

Lamps not only have the function of lighting up your space when its dark but they also add definite style to a room and help complete a design.

As shown with cushions in a previous post, lamps can also add colour and decoration to a space which is particularly useful if you are only renting and are not supposed to adorn your walls with paint or wallpaper.

I have picked out 8 lamps or lampshades that I think will add a touch of style to your space and can be worked in to a variety of interiors! Its a pretty good selection, (even if I do say so myself) which will work well with all budgets. It is worth investing in a decent lighting solution as most households will keep their purchases for quite some time (I’m still using lamps from 10 years ago) so its worth considering how the lamps will work should you be planning on giving your space an overhaul in the next six months.

Aqua light
£230 –

Metallic table lamp
£57 –

OKA handmade lamp

Brown lamp

Colored lamp


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