Hear the one about nature and colour?

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So you want to change the colour scheme in your space but have absolutely no idea where to start? Or have found one colour you like but don’t know what other shades will go with it? You’re not alone in this, there’s so much to choose from!

I recently was asked to do a colour consultation on living room and dining room. My client hired me as she had spent weeks deliberating over which colours to choose and had looked at so many it had become overwhelming. She was so lost she wasn’t even sure which colours went together anymore.

Choosing colours for an interior can be pretty daunting, there is so much choice out there and unless you know specifically a colour scheme, even narrowing down which hue of pink or green you want to use can seem like a massive task and then you need to make sure it will work with your other choices in the space.

One thing I always say, if you’re unsure of which colour scheme to choose or what goes with what , have a look to nature…”but whats that got to with paint or colour selections?” I hear you say….well, nature doesn’t really get colour wrong. From the prettiest flowers to the wings of an insect, if you look closely you will see the colour schemes generally match. You can get inspiration from almost anywhere, often if I have a client that is not sure of the way they want to take the scheme I sift through sites particularly Pinterest to show them how nature would do it.


Take this squash for example, the colours work beautifully together and are not overpowering. You could take just one colour from this image or all of it and then use it as the guide for your colour palette.

The results could be something like this contemporary bedroom design.
The wonderful pinky red shade of the tulip flower can be translated to just a small part of a room such as the interior below that has splashes of the colour displayed via the stunning blinds or you could try toning the colour down a little and applying it to your walls.
Flowers are a great inspiration and I often see clients ‘pinning’ floral images when playing about on Pinterest creating sample or inspiration boards to kick start a project.
If flowers aren’t really your thing you could also turn to the beach or the ocean as a starting point.
This image has many different tones that you could pick out and select for your colour scheme.
Applying small areas of paint to a wall will help you gauge how it will look in the room.
photo credit: Sicilia #1 via photopin (license)
Again, you don’t have to use every shade you see in an image, you could just pick one or two.
 It might be hard to know where to look as nature is a broad subject but think about your favourite colour or if theres a colour you would like to see specifically in the space. Thats a good starting point, failing that try using Google to search some key words depending on the theme you want maybe “tropical birds” or “butterflies” and see what that throws up.
If you are still stuck have a look through magazines for image inspiration. Or ask an expert for help, Interior Designers offer colour consultation, for example my services can be on site or remote depending on location.
Once you find that starting point the possibilities are endless!

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