Double Function Design

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I recently was given the task of designing a bathroom with a limited amount of space. Once the necessities were installed (the toilet, bath, sink and shower) there wasn’t going to be much space to play with.

This got me looking into products that were designed with multiple functions in mind. There are some brilliant products on the market that can be used in designs to make sure everything that is required fits, many items will have storage built in to ensure you can save space and hide away the clutter!

One product I looked at for my bathroom / space dilemma was this brilliant radiator mirror combination from Vogue UK. Its such a good space saver and looks really stylish too!

I LOVE these decorative frosted windows! The cut frost window film from The Window Film Company has a range of cut patterns that give the effect of sand blasted glass. The film adds privacy to a room but doubles up as a feature with fabulous designs ‘etched’ onto your windows!

They have lots to choose from and each order is custom cut to ensure a snug fit.
This sofa by NuDesign is a fabulous invention that is not only modern and comfortable but will also store all those items you want to display whether its books, candles or accessories. Its perfect if you have limited amounts of wall space or maybe you are renting your space and so can’t put anything on the walls such as shelving!
A concealed shelving unit is a cool way to store your bathroom essentials without taking up too much space. This one sits perfectly in line with your bath so it will look like its part of the wall but pull out the drawer and there you have everything you need for a relaxing bath!
Coffee tables are often the dumping ground for stacks of endless magazines. Rather than keep them all out in the open why not neaten up the room with a coffee table /storage unit? This sleek table from Bo Concept UK has compartments that are easy to access and will hold a good amount of those magazine subscriptions, it will look lovely in a modern setting and is also available in a range of colours and finishes.
These are just some products that are out there on the market. Theres plenty out there and if space is at a premium its worth thinking about ways to double up and save some space for other items.

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