Adding colour without decorating

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Adding colour into a room can be easy and doesn’t have to be done through painting or decorating walls….
I decided to write this post as not everyone is lucky enough to own their own home. To those that rent a property, adding design or decoration to a room can be a little more difficult since Landlords are quite hot on tenants not painting walls, adding wall paper or doing anything to aesthetically change the bare bones of the room….so living with magnolia walls and some sort of biscuit tone carpet it is then (of course there are Landlords out there who will allow the tenant to decorate and even better will offer to foot the bill if the rental is longer term but these are more of a rarity).
Colour through cushions

To help you bring your blank canvas to life and to show you how to add colour, texture and personality to a space, I will be putting together a series over the coming weeks with ideas and tips in decorating a rental home to help you add the swoon factor to any space!
Of course this post isn’t just aimed at renters and hopefully will offer inspiration to everyone!

First up we’re looking at cushions. Some love the idea of a mountain of cushions (me) some don’t see the point in them. However you stand on the idea of them, they are an ideal accessory to add personality to a space as well as being functional.
I have chosen cushions that I think will work in any room be it a lounge or bedroom and with any budget. The colours I have selected range from muted pastel pink to bold turqiose zig zag prints. Its a good idea to have a colour scheme selected before making your cushion purchase to make sure everything ties in.

Katie the Wolf lilac throw pillow
£57 –

Bluebellgray throw pillow
£72 –

Peacock throw pillow
£29 –

Throw pillow
£26 –

Gold home accessory

White home accessory
£5.77 –

Researching different textures before you buy will also help you in achieving your perfect look for a room. Do you envisage your space filled with soft textures with woven fabrics? or maybe a more formal look with fresh cottons? or even how about a luxurious feel using silks or rayon? Theres a lot of choice out there so shop around and consider what you will be using the space for, if you get stuck ask for advice from an expert.

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