Let there be colour…

turquise zig zag


I was out and about this week gathering items for a craft haul and this beauty was one of the many bargains I picked up….it was £1!! I liked the white but loved more its decorative surface and since I have been looking for a frame this size to fit a postcard I collected on my travels I really SCORED BIG TIME!

So this little makeover is SIMPLE and EASY. All you are going to need is a frame or any item that you want to change and a can of spray paint. I already had my eye on this shade of yellow and found a can of paint to match perfectly in my FUN BOX*

So to make sure you don’t accidentally spray paint everything around you it is best to use newspaper or a piece of cardboard in my case to protect the surface below.

Next I removed all of the frames components so I was left with just the frame itself (I didn’t want to be getting paint on the glass). I also ensured the surface I was going to be applying the paint to was totally clean for an even finish.


Its important to make sure you shake the can up several times so that the paint comes out in thin coats. Once you’ve done this, you’re good to go…spray away!

Another useful tip is to make sure when you are spraying the paint on to the surface you are doing it in even strokes, its best to hold the can about 30cm away from the surface to avoid the paint from running.


I applied two coats to this frame leaving 30 minutes  between each application. Once the second coat was on I left the frame to dry for an hour or so as touching the surface whilst its still tacky would leave finger prints.


And here is the finished photo frame! What do you think?

It is so bright and decorative and holds the postcard I wanted to frame perfectly! This was a really easy, inexpensive project that is an ideal way to add colour to your space through the use of accessories.

*FUN BOX – the huge box that has now spilled into two other boxes that features all kinds of amazing crafty bits from felt to gift tags, you know all the things that I have saved thinking one day I WILL get to use them.


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