Alternative grout for your tiles

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Lets talk grout….Its the stuff that works with your tile layout in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else you have tiles in your home or work place. Of course it provides a function, sealing the edges of your tiles in and assisting in securing the tile to its base but it can also be decorative and fun too!

If you are planning a tile installation anytime soon or if your tiles are starting to gross you out with how stained and mold covered they are then this post may inspire you to break away from the norm and be a little more creative with the tile finish!

First up we have this AMAZING blue yellow combination of which I am a massive fan! The combo been installed as a feature wall rather than being used around the whole room which actually gives it more of the wow factor. I think using this duo around the whole space may have been a little too much.

This bathroom uses a simple white tile but the grout is a soft green that works beautifully with the rest of the room. It instantly adds a bit more depth to the space but in a really subtle way!

Well, you may be thinking this ones a bit snazzy BUT in the right room it will look simply DAZZLING! Yes grout does come in the form of glitter now so you can make your bathroom or kitchen look like its been sprinkled with a touch of fairy dust. The sparkly grout in this image is pretty subtle against the pebbles and so will give it more of a ‘wet look’.

The orange grout in this shower gives the design a ‘retro’ feel although with the right accessories this room could have any kind of design theme. I love the colour orange and this grout makes for an interesting space.

Of course if you want to go for something a little more streamlined you could always select the same colour tile as your grout to allow your tiles to blend. It looks seamless and can offer an aesthetically luxurious surface.

If you are not keen to take the leap and choose a coloured grout then you could always opt for grey. The grey grout works fantastically with the white. Its a little more interesting than standard white and isn’t too overwhelming.

There are many different coloured grouts available on the market and if you are feeling bold its definitely worth doing your research and shopping around. Some grouts will add depth to your space and help the tiled area look more decorative yet some may clash with the tile and seem like overkill….always test the chosen colour against your tiles or ask an experts opinion to prevent mistakes being made!

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