Knitting Needle Storage Idea

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I used to enjoy knitting a lot, to the point my fingers would ache at the amount of time dedicated to it! I would sit for hours watching row by row as my fabric grew from a piece of yarn into fabric. It is really relaxing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a new creative hobby, I even bought myself a knitting machine and spent time making fabrics which were then used in various projects.

I haven’t had so much time to pick up the knitting needles but I am planning on getting back into it when I get a spare moment.

I was recently given some shortbread biscuits in this beautiful bright tin when a relative went to Edinburgh. Once the biscuits were consumed I decided the tin was far too nice to throw away (I hate throwing things away if it looks nice) so I am using it to store my knitting needles in….its tall enough to house even my really long needles 🙂


2 thoughts on “Knitting Needle Storage Idea

    • sophietatts says:

      It’s definitely allowed me to have a neater sewing / knitting kit! Anything tube shaped will work with this idea, it just so happened the tin I had was such a pretty shade of pink 🙂


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