Coffee on the go!!

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I’ve recently been on a mission to stop burning cash on take out coffee…..So i decided to invest in a reusable coffee cup. I can brew some delicious coffee at home before I leave each day and then drink it on the go, which = more pennies to put in the beach house fund (every little helps right?!).

I’ve been scouting around for the perfect one that will accompany me each morning on my journey to the office.

1. Lilly Pulitzer drinkware
£13 – – This cup has a lovely colourful print, a snap lid and will                   keep coffee warm.

2. Forever 21 coffee mug
£8.98 – – Pale pink in colour which is a hit with me and will make sure my morning brew stays warm on the journey into work 🙂

3. Kate Spade thermal mug
£12 – – A classic stripe in black and white with a green lid, this holds enough coffee to help me make it through the morning on difficult days!

4. Kate Spade thermal mug
£12 – – Another interesting print that drew my eye! This mug will also hold ice tea for those humid mornings although these are few and far                                          between in the UK!

5. JOCO coffee cup
£17 – – This one drew me in because I love the green and it is               made from glass unlike the others. The silicone grip will allow this to be                                              carried without burning my fingers!

6. Lilly Pulitzer drinkware
£9.62 – – Ok, so not technically for coffee although you could                     make an ice coffee in this one. I sometimes like to whizz up a smoothie before                 work for breakfast so this vessel will be perfect for that.
              I also loved the colours too!

2 thoughts on “Coffee on the go!!

  1. kitkatdana says:

    I have the one you have pictures in 6, and I love it to death! I use it for water around the house, and sometimes I take it out with me in the car. One thing to note is that the straw is really thin, so it might be a little difficult for smoothies if you have any chunks 🙂



    • sophietatts says:

      Thats definitely worth noting Dana! I am a sucker for bright colours and even if its not functional for my breakfast smoothie may have to get it anyway…maybe I’ll follow your lead and use it for water instead 🙂

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