A little insight into the things I like..

So as a first real post I thought why not write about things I love….I didn’t want to write too much at once, just a taster…but it gives you an idea of some things about me!

  • Interior design! Its something I have been doing for several years but the passion for it stems from back in the day  when I was little. I used to spend hours making houses from cardboard boxes and then decorating them with scraps of wallpaper or left over paint. I even used to make furniture using cardboard or plasticine…..oh the hours of entertainment!


  • Flamingo prints! Yes its not a hobby or some weird obsession but I had to add this one in…Its not just flamingo prints I love but any print that is bright and colourful! Currently I am enjoying the bright and bold prints of flamingos cavorted on anything from fabric to wallpaper (I do love how bright, elegant and graceful they look in real life)….more about prints later!


photo credit: Flamingos via photopin (license)

  • Travel! I love to see new places and wherever I go I always take a ton of photos. I like learning about new cultures and its fascinating to be able to see different architecture first hand rather than on the internet. I find it really interesting looking at the different design styles of buildings both inside and out in different countries!


  • Candles! Errrm just because! There is nothing I love more than entering a room and being greeted by the smell of beautiful scents. Candles really add to the atmosphere too! My rooms are littered with different candles I have collected over the years. I used to want to preserve them and so never actually lit them until I realised one day I have a huge collection!


Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  • Flowers! In a similar way to my love for candles I cannot help surrounding myself with flowers. I always have a fresh bunch on my desk and usually a couple of vases full of these bright pretty things in several rooms in the house. I think they can totally finish off a rooms look and they also smell great too! These are my favourites….tulips. I loooooove their colours, so bright!


  • The Mimi! This is Mimi the toy poodle. She and I go waaay back, well just over 10 years. Shes my dog and so much fun. Mimi is happy just hanging around sitting on my knee whilst I work but also loves a good run around the fields.


  • Being Crafty! I love love love nothing more than making things…it can be anything… whether its sourcing fabric and making cushions, customising old furniture or baking, I love to do it. I find it fun and relaxing being creative and it is probably one of the main things I spend my spare time doing.

This cushion is one I made – the fabric was sourced from a fabric dealer who stocks alot of vintage / antique fabric. This particular fabric is from the early 1920’s and was produced in France. Its a stunner of a cushion and I had a lot of emails from people all over the world asking If I had any spare fabric left over when I sold the extra cushions I made on Etsy.


So there we go – a snapshot into things I love…theres lots more that I have a passion for and over time I am sure I will post articles on the various topics.


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